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We specialize in designing and forming complex parts to a high level of detail and tolerances. Our focus on continuous innovation, dedication to quality and services have earned us an exceptional reputation as a leading manufacturer of thermoformed tray and container molds.


Precision Meteoro has extensive experience in a variety of niche markets. With over 25 years established in the market, we have established a strong ability to create new and innovative solutions.


Precision Meteoro is a supplier with extensive experience in automated food packaging.


For the medical market, we make custom packaging with tight tolerances, designed to work in processes with high quality standards.


We have extensive experience in protecting sensitive electronic components that require tight tolerances.


Our specialty is creating innovative designs, such as our stackable trays, ensuring automation success.


Precision Meteoro, together with its customers, develops innovative trays with specific designs for agricultural industry solutions.


Precision Meteoro offers innovation, flexibility and assurance by providing integrated solutions.

Our customer-centric, service-oriented approach delivers timely, accurate and cost effective solutions, from initial design and development to ongoing supply chain management.


With 3 decades of experience, we never back down from a design challenge. In fact, a significant portion of our business comes from customers who needed a design that other companies could not manufacture.


Precision Meteoro has extensive manufacturing capabilities to build prototypes and production tooling quickly and cost effectively. This gives us the freedom to test and experiment with new designs and processes needed to meet our customers' precision needs.


To offer inventory security and the convenience of faster shipping turnaround times, Precision Meteoro partners with our customers to optimize and manage inventory - often stocking parts to ensure on-time delivery.