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Precision Meteoro has extensive experience in a variety of niche markets. With over 25 years established in the market, we have established a strong ability to create new and innovative solutions. Regardless of your industry, call us and discover how good collaboration, efficiency and in-depth technical knowledge, coupled with excellent customer service, can produce a world-class solution for you.

    For surgical kits, medical divices, medical vials, medications, etc.

    For medical devises, over the counter medications and more.

    For medical divices, kits, medications, first aid items and more.

    Our design team can create whatever plastic packaging you might need.


    At Precision Meteoro we have high quality processes, we handle ISO 9001:2015 procedures. ISO is an international organization that sets high standards for many types of companies, including packaging companies. ISO 9001 standards refer to quality management systems and, at Precision Meteoro, quality assurance is a way of life, from design to final delivery. We will soon be certified, but we already have the necessary infrastructure in place.


    Because safety is a major concern for many of our healthcare customers, we keep detailed records to ensure traceability down to the case level. We track our processes, from ordering and receipt of material through to production and packaging, to ensure that your packaging meets the agreed specifications.


    Our thermoforming equipment can process a wide variety of plastic materials, including PVC, HIPS, PET, PETG, PP, PS and ESD. Not all of these materials are suitable for all medical packaging applications, but our design team will carefully study your product to determine which material(s) might be best suited for your thermoformed tray packaging project.